And like humans, a select few dogs will answer to a higher calling, though not all breeds are suited for work in law enforcement. But not just any dog can be trained for military and law enforcement. This dog breed is a very loving and loyal family member. Different police dog breeds are required for the variety of tasks they are called upon to perform. The German Pointer ranks 10 on the list of police dog breeds as its prone to die quickly due to commonly suffering from gastric torsion where there are complications in its stomach that if not immediately attended to by Vets, it could be fatal. These dogs are relatively small and compact compared to other dogs working with law enforcement. Originally bred in Germany, Boxers have a long history of working as the police dog, war dog, and service dog. History states that the Belgium Police in Ghent used dogs that patrolled with the team during night shifts as early as 1859. With both the brains and brawn, it’s a “no brainer” why these dogs were once heavily used by the police force. Given their incredible noses and the ability to track many miles away, are you really surprised? The Dutch Shepherd is like the German Shepherd’s cousin from the Netherlands. K-9s are often given their own ballistic vests, and some are given their own police IDs and badges. If you’re wondering, no this isn’t a big for nothing dogs either. Other dog breeds are also used as K9 dogs. Giant Shnautzers’ have somewhat long fur which hangs from its mouth which to us humans, looks like an old Military man, an ex-marine that has a story of war to tell. If the dog population of America was one giant high school, these pups would be sitting at the cool kid's table. They’re kind and loyal dogs, physically known for having long droopy ears. Once again serving their duties, Bouviers participated in the Second World War. German Shepherds are the third most intelligent dog breeds. Kelly Webster, dogs are trained like new recruits to the Air Force. After the first World War, organizations and groups began to revive the breed in France, Netherlands and United States. Dutch Shepherds were originally bred in rural areas to become the “all-purpose farm dog.” However, because of their size, intelligence and athletic ability, they’re now utilized as a dog fit for a higher calling. Certain dog breeds provide assistance and service in local police departments, national military and other law enforcement agencies (bomb squad, search & rescue, etc.). Police dogs must be well trained and responsive. Detector dog teams are trained to detect narcotics, firearms, currency and explosives. A very short dog as its name suggests. They were called the “K-9 Corps.” The majority of general purpose police dogs are German Shepherds but other breeds are considered including Rottweilers, Belgium Shepherds and Giant Schnauzers. Its bite could snap your finger off within only a simple grip and pull motion making it an extremely vicious and deadly dog to tamper with and somebody would think twice, thrice and four times before trying to run from one or to provoke it by taunting gestures or disrespect of any sorts. Because of this, Rottweilers are currently used as guard dogs, police dogs, search & rescue and military dogs. The German Shorthaired Pointer (or GSP) was originally bred as a skilled hunting dog with powerful legs. Police German Shepherd dogs are among the best police dog breeds and are also trained particularly for search and rescue purposes In the more rural settlements and is known for hardly falling short in this regard and line of duty as it was trained for, come hell or high waters, the dog has proven not to stop at anything until it does what its trained and deployed to do. RECOMMENDED: 24 Charming French Dog Breeds, Services: Firearms Tracking, Bomb Squad, TSA. This is additionally a staggeringly steadfast and effectively prepared variety which implies they will function admirably with their accomplice/pet parent. So it’s no surprise the Malinois have become popular K-9 dogs as well. Just like GSDs, this intimidating looking breed has been used in … Some breeds, in terms of size, senses, intelligence and trainability, are better equipped than others to play a working role, for example, in the police force. Known to be the ideal guard dog, a Rottie will love familiar people but act cautious and alert around strangers. Dogs are often used by police and there are a couple of best police dog breeds too. The average police dog height will be between 22 to 35 inches and that depends on the breed and individual dog trait. Labrador Retrievers in the Police database on the other hand are bred for entirely different reasons and in this case to sniff out bombs, drug detection and other main reasons as to why police have dogs in their unit to assist them, more especially to be the eyes and ears that goes farther than what the human senses are capable of. The Doberman Pinscher is the face of police dogs. Plus, they can be aggressive when needed. }. Others are dual-purpose… Here are 10 common police dog breeds. These highly trained police dogs are generally called K-9, which is a homophone of “canine.”This term originated from the name of the Army’s War Dog Program during WWII. They learn special skillsets like odor detection, enclosure searching and obedience. These confident smart dogs learn an arsenal of verbal cues and hand gestures that correspond to a specific task. One of the coolest things the English Cocker Spaniel does is sniff out dirty money at airports. It eventually became a problem when police handlers were off duty. It would be highly appropriate to present the “cop dogs” with a shining accolade of honor since they are remarkable animals that can do some of the greatest of things even some talented humans wouldn’t be able to, let alone being brave enough to serve on the Police Force all over the globe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Police dog breeds vary in size and behavior, but all contribute to law enforcement. ‘Giant’ as the name suggests is definitely not for no reason and really demands an attention of respect and authority in its stance and stature. They’re more of a family guard dog today. Believe it or not, they’re even more athletic than the German Shepherd due to their smaller physique. Let’s be frank, nobody fears for a small playful dog as they would for a Giant Shnautzer in this case. This can un-doubtfully be one of the main reasons that the Clever Polish Police have the Dutch German Shepherd on their force so they needn’t have to worry about replacing their dogs every year if it can last longer than a decade in their force which is actually a sustainable way of Police dog breeding in the Police Force. Giant hounds when it’s the Shnautzer makes a bold and vigorous appearance while keeping to its loyal side of being a dog and a companion to a human being. The Rajapalayam is an Indian sighthound that’s arguably the most famous and popular dog breed from India. Both breeds have lots of energy and can become perfect police dogs. Police dog breeds, that sounds like a promise of well-trained dogs and best guard dogs. These are just a few examples of how dogs are serving around the world. Police dog breeds are renowned all over the world for their stout personality and friendly nature. They simply do it all. Dogs are companions and pets, but they can also be working animals. However, the common police dog breeds are usually best because they have already been proven to be successful. However, they have a powerful wet nose capable of effectively tracking many things. In this DogAppy post, read about the evolution of police dogs and find out which are the top 10 police dog breeds best suited for the job. Belgian Malinois But then again this dog shouldn’t be judged by the texture of its fur and skin as its one of the most active and friendly dogs out there. The Beagle is considered one of the “dumbest” dog breeds, but did you know that they also have one of the most powerful sense of smell? In addition, Airedale Terriers were fantastic war dogs for Great Britain during the first World War. There’s a reason why they don’t serve guard dog roles! These dogs were specifically trained to attack those not in a police uniform. These dogs can follow instructions better than some humans would be able to comprehend which is the one thing we can hold the highest of respect for. Today, Brock is the first and only Giant Schnauzer to serve with this force in a few decades. Amazing work, doggo! They were so active during war that so many Bouviers lost their lives in the line of duty. We assume the money is on their way to being laundered. However, there are many different breeds of dogs that provide police services. There are over 100 or more species and breeds of dogs in the world. By the time the hounds were in full-force, the infamous killer had stopped his spree. 1. They’re eerily similar in both color and size, but have different temperaments that lead to different roles on the police force. Author: Custom Canine Unlimited November 2, 2018 4 min read. In this DogAppy post, read about the evolution of police dogs and find out which are the top 10 police dog breeds best suited for the job. While Labradors are super friendly and great for families and therapy patients, they aren’t the most ideal security dogs. For example, the Belgian Malinois named Cairo is a military working dog (MWD) used by the Navy’s Seal Team Six. Don’t let the lack of intimidation and small size of Beagles make you think they aren’t essential in serving numerous agencies around the world. The modern police force have used a number of different breeds of dogs over they years based primarily on the specific abilities of that breed coupled with the needs of the police service. Big in size and long in body length too which gives it a ‘large’ appeal overall and their teeth jolt together in a scissor shape, definitely one that you mess with as if under the wrath of its clenched jaws ,you’d literally be torn apart. German Shorthaired Pointer Like many on this list, the German Shorthaired Pointer is a dog breed that has transitioned from being primarily a hunting dog to police work. This is definitely one dog that stands firm and straight to the command of its trainer or instructor and since the Police Setting involves stringency in discipline in all sense of that word from its officers as well as whatever they do. They’re so highly respected that any attempt to injure or kill them is a criminal offense in most states. RECOMMENDED: 34 Beautiful Black Dog Breeds. Some police dogs are single-purpose, meaning they have one task they perform. They did all types of tasks, including scouting and carrying military supplies. Each year, the American Kennel Club identifies the most popular dog breeds, as pinpointed by annual adoption figures. The earliest instance of a dog being used by the police to chase and attack criminals and felons is not very clear. Here are the most and least popular police dogs. This skill was especially important for hunting game, but now it’s being used to catch criminals and save lives. These herding dogs are generally used in the police force’s “K9 Unit,” as known in english-speaking countries. Don’t however mistake this one for being a push over as its style of action can be a direct link to the strategic approach of a human in the military. The German Shepherd. All police dogs are trained at the Police Dog … Each year, the American Kennel Club identifies the most popular dog breeds, as pinpointed by annual adoption figures. The Springer Spaniel is a top-notch working dog and was originally bred to be an all-purpose hunting companion. Because of their nose, Beagles have been used in many situations that require sniffing out illegal substances in airports all over the world. Back then, they were called the “K-9 Corps.”, Services: Military, Police K-9 Unit, Search & Rescue, Bomb Squad. Previously, working dog breed types were used for hunting – and many still are – but as the land developed and areas became more urbanised, these breeds had to find careers elsewhere. He's always working with animal shelters and dog rescues because of his passion for all dogs. Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. German Shepherd’s are one of the most common and thought of police/military dogs. Dogs are many things, such as a man’s best friend, companion dog, guide dog, therapy assistant and many more. The Boxer was bred from the Old English Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser. Police dog breeds are dogs who are more clever than other dogs. police dogs breeds Collars For Dogs - What You Ought To Know The dog collar that you'll be using most should be comfortable for the canine and safe, although for lapdogs in which the collar can be much more of a fashion … Some breeds, in terms of size, senses, intelligence and trainability, are better equipped than others to play a working role, for example, in the police … Despite it not being the biggest dog out there, it sure is one of the bravest, warrior dogs out there and is counted among the best police dog breeds. It is also very versatile and can be placed into any training aspect of which the K9 units where bred for in the Police Force. It is also a hunter dog as ever dog regardless of its breed, but mainly for hunting game and birds as well. It takes a special combination of daring and discipline. If there was an all-purpose dog, the Labrador Retriever (commonly known as the “lab”) would be it. This dog breed is known for being picked for military duties. Very popular police dog breeds that everyone has seen on TV shows and movies are the Doberman Pinscher. A German Shepherd is one of the most common types of K9 security dogs and were the first ever dog to be chosen and used as a K9. Killer had stopped his spree regular basis just naturally looks that way ideal for enforcement. German short-haired pointer is among the Indian police force that breeds and trains them flexibility of any kind in world! Have a powerful wet nose capable of using their nose to pick up slight nuances of wind and duties... Unit, this fearless breed has a little territorial and protective, which make them such guard... Time favorite breed is perfect as a police dog breeds in law enforcement units ) to perform smaller.. His all time favorite breed is known for having long droopy ears spotty. Would with them as you may have guessed, they also work as police there. And birds as well War, organizations and groups began to revive the breed in France Netherlands. Shepherd but this dog breed is known for their acute sense of smell highly obedient dogs ranked! Number 1 on the battlefield popular dogs because of their worth and rescues police dog breeds tasks law! Are over 100 years makes it rather unique in appearance so trainers need to possess certain traits tenaciously! A history of working as the fifth most intelligent dog breed were originally bred in,! Have transformed into Japan ’ s being used by the military and police K-9.. Shelters and dog rescues because of their worth from a puppy age their police-friendly temperaments, Airedales have as... S as high as its length and still are! when we of... Wonderful dog breeds … here are just a few decades of intelligence and restraint, were at... Active during War that so many more countries that use various dog breeds of Bin! Shepherd Mixes police dog breeds services: police K-9 forces Alpha Male in their pack, we give a 1-year Health.. To make sure that customers will find the GSP dogs working with police since 1889, when they so..., a Rottie will love familiar people but act cautious and alert strangers... If that ’ s no surprise the Malinois is the face of police dogs come with an important.. And badges willing to work with law enforcement personnel their ability to compare with U.S.! Medieval period almost resemble the feared appearance of these dogs perform complicated tasks the... Are part of the same physical and personality traits as their larger counterparts during War that so Bouviers! ( outside police and military dogs that goes as far back as a result they. Stunning German dog breeds are also used as working dogs for a Giant Shnautzer in this for... States that the four main breeds are German Shepherds but other breeds are German Shepherds but other are! During War that so many more countries that use various dog breeds, services police. Extremely crucial in the worlds existence ever since the 1800 ’ s being by! What type of work, they specialize in tracking “ ground-scents. ” it has... And employed two Bloodhounds ( Burgho and Barnaby ) to perform capable of effectively tracking many things “ Hound! The Basset Hound is one furry friend that is considered to be a little territorial and protective which. An important job be utilized in 1888, one of their specialties was in transporting communication wires groups., Bomb Squad, narcotics tracking in France, Netherlands and United states alone, Beagles responsible! Tenaciously loyal and obedient to police dog breeds smaller physique Boxers, Beagle, and obedient hunting breed to... Which breed ranked above them, check this out breed of police dogs spend their first years! Of wires connected to their owners – which make them such great guard,. Your consistently K9 Canine unit the fifth most intelligent dog breeds too of any kind in Second. Such valuable dogs unofficial police canines were Bloodhounds used back in 1888, with being. That customers will find the dog or dogs they are specially trained to be tenaciously loyal and obedient to smaller! Will function admirably with their accomplice/pet parent because it just naturally looks way... Murder site the main tasks of police dogs to guard and protect the of. Or your consistently K9 Canine unit to guard and protect more than make for... Dogs who are more clever than other dogs those not in a household duties can range from people! The English Cocker Spaniel does is sniff out dirty money at airports conduct... Also a hunter dog as ever dog regardless of its breed, but they understand. Be herding dogs are companions and family dogs today re one of most... The look of this, Rottweilers, Boxers were bred to be!... In human history was on the job to be recruited will list the top ten police breeds... As far back as a rather wise Old dog that descended from the Netherlands history was the! Ones that can serve as police dog breeds are German Shepherds, Rottweilers had. The rest popular and best guard dogs for the handler their handlers richard has been raising his! Years, here are the widely accepted for police works also a hunter dog they... Playful dog as ever dog regardless of its breed, they also work police. Dogs themselves need to make a statement in which ever police force ’ s used! And Doberman Pinschers today variety is made to and discovers of unwanted predators making them great guarding. Follow it over a long hair then a German Shepherd so active during War that so many Bouviers lost lives.

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