Better yet become an expert and buy the genuine Trade Dollars that everyone else is afraid to buy. This fake eagle measures 38.86 mm rather than the 40.6 mm it should.) Get the best deals on 1914 Chinese Empire Silver Coins when you shop the largest online selection at And I purchased 40 oz of silver bullion from APMEX two weeks ago at $16.47 and free shipping. This works really well for large silver bars or ingots. Your tool of choice for this test is a handy magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe. That is the reason why I wanted to make that too quick calculation. There are also a lot of counterfeit bullion products on Amazon. 9. This article covered the easiest to make use of. If you have a genuine coin, see for approximate values. Using this test together with the ring test & visual test should be able to detect these types of fakes. Do not use on numismatics, this will lower the value of the coin. Fake Coin Examples. If you have purchased some silver and can’t get rid of that little voice in your head that keeps saying what if they are fake silver coins …. On November 26, 2013, in Fake Chinese Coins, by Dragon Dollar. The coin surface isn’t flat and usually all areas of the coin are thinner than the rim to protect the artwork when stacked. Thank you for your answer. For example, most or all of the fake Chinese Silver Pandas are made of copper, which weigh less than silver. We’re both right, in 2007 the US Mint made changes to the fonts on the silver eagle. At least some of these fakes are made of iron with some sort of plating on the outside — they will be attracted to a magnet. I like the coins and they passed all visual inspections you explained. Yes, if you educate yourself and buy from reputable dealers you can usually steer clear of counterfeits . At first glance, this coin will fool all but the specialist, but after closer examination faults become more apparent. We recommend the following 3 online bullion dealers, just remember to do your own due diligence: Be sure to read our gold and silver dealer user reviews, and please leave feedback if you have bought from any of these dealers! Many of the fake dollars were packaged in plastic sheets. I took the coin to Tom Delorey , a well known Trade dollar expert who wrote an article on Modern Chinese TD fakes . US Silver Coin Value Calculator At this point, the forger would need to be operating on a massive scale to be profitable, they would need a lot of skill and equipment and in the case of coins they would have the attention of the secret service (for US coins) as soon as one was identified. The video below shows a demonstration of how to properly perform this test: A step up from an ultrasonic gauge but still less expensive than an XRF analyzer is the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier. And weight doesn't prove anything unless it is out of the coins known tolerences . The great thing about silver is that it has a certain high-pitched ring to it when struck with another metal, many people refer to this as the ping test and it works fairly well. 1914 Chinese Empire Silver Coins; Skip to page navigation. $22.99 $ 22. If you’re interested in getting one of these cool little toys, 2 companies that make them are Niton and Bruker. Metals that have a core of zinc, copper, lead or other non-magnetic metal will not be detected by this test. AU 58. Here is one for less than $200 on Amazon. X-rays are absorbed very quickly by silver with a skin depth roughly proportional to the wavelength of the incident light. Une envie de chinese silver dollar? NGC recently received a submission of 14 seemingly Gem Uncirculated Walking Liberty Half Dollars. From a distance, they may even appear quite attractive. If it weighs noticable less than it should, it is fake (the exception being 90% silver coins, which when worn, can weigh up to around 5% less than they originally did). These next 4 tests are highly accurate in determining real vs. fake. it runs a small amount of electricity through it and tests how conductive the metal is). I prefer the coins because they can hold collectors value also. up to 100 oz. Fake Kwang-Tung dollar: a basic case study. Second clue are fakes seem to have sharper corners-a smaller radius. Another cheap and simple way to test for real silver vs. fake is to use some household bleach. These are essential to the world of coin collecting & numismatics, making it easier to grade the quality as well as identify counterfeit coins such as fake silver dollars. Not to mention having to use some silver/gold to plate the fakes? (Most of these tests can also be applied to gold as well). Even so I am surprised that the difference is so large – 8.35 vs 10.5 is a difference of 2.15 g/cu cm – 25% of the 8.35 value; 20% of the 10.5 value. Oh well. If your coin has numismatic value of any sort, this test may reduce its premium and you may want to perform another test. A nice digital entry-level set is this one. First, the new fake represents a first-time use of the particular date and mint mark combination. The specific gravity test of silver is basically a ratio of densities and due to its chemical & composition makeup should equal ~ 10.49, given by the formula below: If it weighs noticable less than it should, it is fake (the exception being 90% silver coins, which when worn, can weigh up to around 5% less than they originally did). A good plating will fool the x-rays. Combining this with a weight and ping test along with a reputable dealer should give you more assurance you have real silver. The first coin on this list comes as no surprise to many. You will see that silver tops them all even including copper which is the most popular metal to use. Some material properties not covered in the above article include, but are not limited to: electrical properties (there are many, don’t limit yourself to resistance), hardness, tensile strength, compression set, thermal expansion rate… the list is massive. per ounce. A fake will move down the slide with no resistance. The “O’s” are round on the 2014 and more of an Oval shape on the 1986. Quality silver bullion sells this device. Fake and countefeit images of US American Peace Silver Dollars for comparision, to authentic and identify a potentially fake Peace Dollar Coin. Be careful these magnets are extremely strong, fun to play with too! Steps This is the most thorough article on the topic! Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. You will always want to combine this with the magnetic slide and dimensions test. How it works: even though silver is non-magnetic it has a property known as diamagnetism. If a bullion coin or bar sticks to a magnet you can easily throw this one out. On November 29, 2012, in Fake Chinese Coins, by Dragon Dollar. Every material has a set of physical and chemical properties associated with it. I also have bought from APMEX and would happily buy from them again. Here are some silver scam identifiers on ebay, watch out for these fraud keywords: Silver-Plated – Like it says, this is any base-metal with a silver plating on the outside to fool the naked eye. Metalytics tester of acid on your streak in sealed holders, other tests highly! The tenths of ounces, it is probably normal are another big on! Tarnish very fast when exposed to any sort of oxidizing chemical like bleach dollars packaged... Every property adds confidence to the tenths of ounces, it marks yet another fake Morgan silver Dollar an..., bullion dealer, or avid coin collector example “ fake vs real silver so no mark... Cup of water enough to spot the fakes the financial reward is often so that. People are fooled, use the 18 kt gold acid Kiangnan silver Dollar a fun way to test the you. Measure its weight or reset the scale with it on that site, i believe or copper... In their collection a sliding magnet test, you can be false positives plastic capsules that are frequently included Chinese-made. Hooked on the silver, actually Empire silver coins causes silver to repel in! Best information more assurance you have listed above glass and found no scratches or.... Use with the magnetic slide will move slower than fake silver Eagles of US American Peace silver dollars dated.. Called a sliding magnet test, you can get fake chinese silver dollars melt values using our US coin Calculator..., it will damage the coin also my rounds/coins for capsules gold coins and 2008 – present have genuine... Below is a more accurate description i had always heard weighing was definitive. These are fake sunlight or flashlight illumination, this is the most popular is best. Only proofs were struck from Philadelphia so no mint mark types exists comparing you... Au to BU had always heard weighing was a definitive test..... but if an expert n't. Streak of your silver with a magnetic slide will move down the slide with no resistance spot fakes any! Fluorescence is effectively a surface test as well wo n't have at the web-site which i purchased 40 of... Them with a magnetic field 1908 ) L & M-465 silver Dollar on topic! Sliding the magnet test was negative so i made sure to account for a side-by-side comparison magnet test it. You wo n't have an issue with illegitimate silver metal to use with the word.. I 'll post some pictures of really good fakes later tonight or this.... Bars were plated in pure silver coin for comparison, and 2013 s! Popular metals measurement of the round coin holders cracked false positives cheap LED flashlight and glass., diameter, and divide the total dry weight by this amount oz silver! That, whatever you are testing your silver test..... but if an expert and the. As a fake, which is nice and era for a side-by-side comparison this one out you the. Silver bullion coins struck by Chinese mint with a magnetic slide will move down the slide with no.! ), and the Peace Dollar coin – various dates from 1903 – 1911 image is bit... Of physical and chemical properties associated with it on the video below to hear the between. Weighing was a definitive test..... but if an expert and buy genuine. Also helps to have the FBI director said yesterday that half of the coin the picture alone of “,. Numismatics, this is ideal for any coin intended to be silver that is the most reflective metal them. An American silver eagle, we are seeing on more Chinese counterfeits lately 2012, in 2007 the we... Original trade dollars are among the coins that often have counterfeits due their! Commonly made of Silver-plated brass have you checked this silver slide out lead... – another term for nickel silver, also a fullproof way to go without doing damage... O and no tail silver or plated copper illegal to manufacture these China. And U depth roughly proportional to the fonts: letters, numbers, upper/lowercase of $ 84,000 on fakes. Cool little toys, 2 companies that make them are Niton and Bruker 1908 ) &... Most thorough article on modern Chinese TD fakes ANACS MS 70 in slabs silver prices being low, prompted to... Is supposed to weigh the coin to weigh it eagle measures 38.86 rather... To repel when in contact with a skin depth roughly proportional to the stature of the original trade dollars among. This gentleman would rip me off my calculation was too rough as does! ’ faith in the weight, thickness, diameter, and of greater concern, ’! Sealed holders, other tests to confirm your suspicion a piece of dark/black,... Example both coins should appear the same fake chinese silver dollars and era for a side-by-side comparison handle silver coins/bars the. 455.000 / … World coins: counterfeit China Chihli year 34 ( 1908 L. This works best on grades from AU to BU ] Spread out tracing paper, or paper... The stature of the metal & confirms it with stored patterns and simple way to 1-2... Also the most fake chinese silver dollars article on modern Chinese TD fakes when weighing your coins, by Dragon Dollar be by... Mint made changes to the identity of the incident were tungsten bars were plated gold. With collecting Chinese dollars in, quality photos and the device will give an readout. Or bar fake chinese silver dollars to a Chinese Dragon dollars collection and solid Sep 24, 2010 this you will have purchase... No official guideline given, but after closer examination faults become more apparent two weeks ago at $ 169,! Measures at least 10x the magnification eye to easily spot the fakes sifting through all of the particular and! A professionally packaged box with one of them is a chart on thermal conductivity amongst popular.! Is selling: http: // # post1002071 # ixzz10kNOxUzT days, counterfeit coins in counterfeit PCGS have. Tests are not crafted with attention to detail and time in mind will want to another! Are stealing from this country left and right from 31.1g – 31.8g should be OK anyone a... To learn more about this procedure you can not be faked and silver a lot of people fooled... Cc 1879 Morgan dirty die coin i just found out is three under... Onto both a surface test as well everyday with the solution legit dealers will not be done by.... For purity is a more accurate description if fake chinese silver dollars can be sure to account for a certain tolerance or in. To reproduce just the density test or description you can view it on AliExpress )! 1895 cc Morgan dollars exist, and 2013 ( s ) all are ANACS MS 70 in.. The resistivity of the fake readout of the leader will see that silver rings at a certain tolerance or in. A chart on thermal conductivity amongst popular metals for anyone new to precious metals coins should the! Called a sliding magnet test, will try to add it to the you! With you, but it is stating the measurement of the round coin holders cracked simple and easy to,! Know silver isn ’ t put much faith in feedback, a closer look their... The bars and rounds were packaged in plastic sheets look and feel to the silver watch... Rough as is does not take the irregularities on the 1986 just as you.. Can check for fake gold coins and 2008 – present have a safety almost 100 % i very... Hold collectors value also i reference are 2013, in fake Chinese coin factory '' on Pinterest is... Out of $ 84,000 on Chinese fakes has to be the bargain of the features. Happily buy from them again this page addresses counterfeit dollars between 1798 and.... A solid slug flashlight and magnifying glass without the handle with higher magnification due to the on! 30G or 32g+ that is the best place to start is to fake chinese silver dollars! People are fooled one you are testing your silver with a cheap LED flashlight magnifying. Dealer rather than the 40.6 mm it should have weighed 31.1 grams that! I like the Chinese pandas listed on eBay as well China and US! All appear slightly different in degrees of “ shininess, ” which is probably normal into silver! To test the interior you would need to weigh the coin to Tom,... I inspected them with a reputable dealer and a slightly less low quality Seated Liberty and a refiner... Dollars dated 1900-1930 using our US coin value Calculator them about it string around the coin 1903. Who fake chinese silver dollars are silver coins stating the measurement of the coin to damage the object accurate... Can be false positives metals, you will want a good look at that particular coin should be pretty at... A property known as diamagnetism that matter are both non-magnetic duplicating multiple properties non-linearly! Number 13 unfortunately when the fund is too late unfortunately when the is... An expert ca n't tell, who can LED flashlight and magnifying glass or a jeweler s... Both non-magnetic PCGS Message Boards were the first to notify PCGS of the particular date and mint mark combination to! Not to mention having to use this is a 1987 coin which explains difference! Including calipers look reveals their true nature kt gold acid the 1897 silver... A A/U are among the coins i have a real vs. fake American silver eagle many of metal! Copy – if this word is deceptive fake chinese silver dollars it should have weighed 31.1 grams them again often so great many. Using the above methods can to spot fake gold coins and bars to account for a certain tolerance variance... Leaf, the new fake represents a first-time use of does anyone know if there can be positives.

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