The new gearbox doesn't. One for neutral, and one for the gear on either side (1st/2nd). Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy | Was: £121.95. You might find these links to parts and similar problems helpful in solving this problem.AIBot, © AutoInsider I have read it has to do with a low automatic transmission oil level. By what you are telling us, I would say one of them is damaged. Vezi si cele mai recente articole! Superbly presented 2.0 XSE 307, a must to inspect as in stunning condition. Great economy, good amount of power, leather, owners manual alloys and more! Trouble putting my Peugeot 107 into gear? As soon as I start to put my foot on the accelerator it takes seconds to feel any power! When shifting into drive, if you notice that there is a delay before the vehicle moves or that the engine revs as you apply pressure to the gas pedal, but the vehicle does not … I've decided that the few miles I actually roll in reverse doesn't justify the cost of going through an expensive gear box repair/replacement, so I just cross my fingers and hope it … Use our AutoInsider Find A Specialist search, find garages and mobile mechanics near you. The fuse boxes are located under the fascia (driver's side). Front wheel alignment specs. This problem is happening about once every couple of weeks.So i'll have to go to garage to investigate. Click & Collect. Recently it's getting difficult to get it into 1st and 2nd gears (the others are fine). I recommend you to replace both of them, change the oil and clean the solenoids body and you will see how your transmission gets better. Hello I have a Peugeot 307 1.4 diesel. Peugeot 307 1.6 petrol. So many standard features, click "Specs" for full information on this fabulous hatchback. Apparently, the third gear remains set and, if turning the engine off and starting it again, the alarm is not there any longer. i mean sometimes have to rev upto 3 rpm to get it to gear. I wanted to share with you that a failure was found in a sensor, which was replaced as well as the gearbox oil. My car has got a constant transmission failure. I own a 51 plate, 1.1 Peugeot 206. hi i have a peugeot 307 1.6 petrol auto 2004 with only 45,000 miles on the clock, my problem is changing gears, its fine when its cold no problems at all but when it warms up then it takes some time to get into gear. If it will go into gear relatively easily with the engine off, then chances are the gearbox isnt so bad. Question about Peugeot Cars & Trucks 1 Answer My 307 peugeot sometimes will not change gears from 1st yo second, nothing comes on dash, and n ot a;wahys happenin g, could it be a sensor. I don't know what to do, can anyone help me please? When Im driving along it revs up and feels like the car is going to stop but it doesn't, it also makes a noise almost like a humming or whirring sound. The fuse boxes are located in the lower part of the fascia (passenger side). I just brought the car 2nd hand. In Brazil, the 307 is sold with 1.6 and 2.0 flex (gas/ethanol) engines. Contact Us, Problem added: Mar 10, 2015 (5 years ago), when I driving the car make shift of first to second speed the way abrupt, Win £50 every month by answering problems, Fails to start .red information light flashes on dash. The Peugeot 307 is a top-notch production from this well-respected French manufacturer. (98) 98 product ratings - GEAR CONTROL CABLE for PEUGEOT 307 CC 2.0 16V 2003-2005. Peugeot Central Forum Index >> Peugeot 307 forum >> Car stuck in gear and cannot be moved: View previous topic - View next topic. When changing the gears, the car gives a hit, the alarm activates and a gearbox failure message appears on the dashboard. When you push the shifter into a gear, it helps to hold it in place once shifted. Gear occassionally not going into 1st or 2nd, so have to drive off in 3rd. I've had the car serviced, the gearbox oil level checked (ok) and the clutch replaced, however I understand that it may be a problem with the gear linkage. ----Front And Rear Wheel Alignment Data Contents of this page. The only small issue I have with the new gearbox is that it sometimes takes a couple of goes to get into 1st gear when stationary and about to pull away. Search My Stuff. 2010 Peugeot 307 2.0 Abrupt change from first to second gear - AutoInsider Problems and Fixes At the beginning, it only appeared when starting the engine and while the oil was cold, but now, it even fails when warm and driving on an uphill road. I have an automatic petrol model which was going beautifully until last week when in drive around 3000 revs gearbox warning light came on and there was a loud clunk sounding as if i had driven over something metal. Terms & Conditions | right hand drive. Peugeot 307 (2001 - 2007) - 02 2.0 HDI Gear selection has gone. The 307 was presented as the 307 Prométhée prototype at the 2000 Mondial de l'Automobile.The production hatchback versions were introduced to the European markets on 26 April 2001, as a successor to the Peugeot 306.The 307 was also sold in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and (in 1.6 and 2.0 petrol versions) Mexico.. In my case, when the solenoids and automatic transmission oil were replaced, the problem disappeared. First of all, I would recommend you to scan your vehicle to see any stored code error. Meaning I cant reverse it out to take it to a garage! Hope it helps you. Yesterday whilst driving i lost selection of my gears, i pulled over and tried to rectify the problem, i managed to get 1st and 3rd gear, but no other. What happens is that, when starting it when cold and accelerating it, there is always a gear that fails and the hit from the automatic transmission protection is felt; also, the automatic transmission failure message appears on the dashboard. FAST & FREE. It was awarded the European Car of the Year title for 2002, and continues in production as of 2008 despite the launch of the 308 (its intended successor) in 2007. This last few days I've noticed that my car is really slow to pick up speed. It takes around 6 seconds to get to 30 mph. What is the transmission fluid of your 307, and when should you change it? 2003 Updated:--. My Profile My Preferences My Mates. PEUGEOT and its network of Retailers will continue to respond to the latest guidance and advice from the UK Government to support their efforts to control the spread of the virus. Simply enter your postcode, select the required specialist areas and view your results. Some transmissions have plugs on them that hold detent pins, or balls and springs. Follow us on Facebook. service Peugeot, , Tutoriale auto tutorials, clock adjustment peugeot 307, how to, menu display peugeot 307, peugeot 307 tutorials, set clock peugeot 307, set hour peugeot 307, set time peugeot 307. ! 21749 new & refurbished from £2.43. Front And Rear Wheel Alignment Data For Peugeot 307. If you need parts to do the job head over to Euro Car Parts to find the parts you need. Peugeot 307 The Peugeot 307 arrived in a blaze of publicity six years ago. Gear box Engine Dashboard Alarm. Every time a gear change is required, the car’s computer activates a transmission solenoid, which directs transmission fluid into the valve body to engage the correct gear. Peugeot 207 SW gear problems. In December 2002, a recall was issued for Peugeot 307 vehicles manufactured in May 2002. Peugeot 309 8. When shifting your vehicle from park to drive, the gear change should respond quickly. I have had the vehicle for aprox 5 months and had no problems with it until now. Peugeot Problems and Repairs - Find information to help you repair your Peugeot ... Peugeot 307 625. On my way to an airport in France I heard what appeared to be something falling off the car whilst driving at speed. Last owner could not tell me much at … Hi, I have a peugeot 307 sw and over the last 3 weeks I am having major problems pulling away in 1st gear as there seems to be no power.

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