Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register No. ,"ac":"IT00806"}, Contact us on any matter related to our Specialist Home Insurance package. ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"P017" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"W099" Get a quote Contact us about Home Insurance . {"sc":"W080" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, We always want to be able to resolve any concerns you raise with us. {"sc":"W010" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"P068" {"sc":"0020" LiveChat is available 7 days a week: 8:00am – 6:00pm, or please email us. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"W070" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"W004" ,"ac":"IT00802"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"J064" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"J050" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"J047" {"sc":"PL44" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"PL24" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00803"}, {"sc":"XJH5" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"P060" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, For Home Emergency complaints {"sc":"L013" Read our guide to find deals, contact details & Sainsbury’s history. ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"J091" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"Z158" {"sc":"J093" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, Calls to telephone numbers starting 0330 are charged at the same rate as standard UK landlines. Get a quote today! ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"PN01" {"sc":"W019" ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"W039" Here are some notable coverage exclusions on standard homeowners insurance policies: Earthquakes: Your home insurance policy won't cover earthquakes, but you may be able to purchase a separate policy or endorsement for earthquake coverage in certain states. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"PL08" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00802"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, Find out how to get in touch . ,"ac":"IT00804"}, Save 10% for every additional vehicle you add, registered at the same address. {"sc":"W077" We can now only deal with emergency claims by phone. {"sc":"PL55" With over 31 million customers worldwide, we can help to find you the right healthcare cover for you and your business, If your claim is not an emergency, please, Already a customer? Pick and choose from our handy optional extras Legal expenses cover For £25 or less By adding this cover to your home insurance policy, you can rest assured that you have up to £100,000 in legal fees and expenses to help you get things sorted. {"sc":"J075" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"PL40" {"sc":"PL26" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"W047" John Lewis Specialist Home Insurance is underwritten by Covea Insurance plc. ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"J080" Please include your Claims Reference Number or Policy Number on all correspondence. If you pay annually and your details haven't changed, you can renew your Home Insurance online or call 0330 102 2470. {"sc":"L008" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, Contact us about our Essential, Plus, Premier and Premier Select Home Insurance packages. ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"0024" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":""}, London  ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"A015" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"PL19" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00802"}, {"sc":"W029" {"sc":"W048" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"P037" {"sc":"A017" {"sc":"Z194" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, So, if your birthday is 6th March 1952, please enter 06031952. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":""}, Contact us on any matter related to our Specialist Home Insurance package. ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, Mercatone. {"sc":"J068" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, Any … ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"P044" {"sc":"P026" ,"ac":"TP0000"}, ,"ac":"TP0000"}, {"sc":"" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"TP0000"}, {"sc":"A021" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"0018" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"A006" {"sc":"PL13" {"sc":"L016" Get a quote 0800 916 6880 Get a quote online. {"sc":"Z226" {"sc":"P052" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"J092" {"sc":"P014" {"sc":"J055" {"sc":"PL18" ,"ac":""}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"P056" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, To log in to your account please enter the email address you used when you registered with us and your password. {"sc":"J065" {"sc":"ZA37" {"sc":"P098" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"J099" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, 0800 916 6880 (open Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm). ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"J043" Make … ,"ac":"TP0000"}, {"sc":"P046" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"W095" {"sc":"W076" How to leave us some feedback or make a general enquiry by email or via our customer care account on Twitter {"sc":"W085" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"J004" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":""}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"QS0001"}, Liverpool Victoria started to trade as LV= in 2007. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"Z088" Via Terza Armata 30 (5,416.22 mi) Monfalcone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy 34074 ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"P038" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, Home Insurance. {"sc":"P035" {"sc":"PL48" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"0028" {"sc":"W032" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"W031" {"sc":"J034" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, If you received your documents any time … ,"ac":"IT00805"}, You can find the name of your insurer on your policy … 0330 102 2576 ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"W016" {"sc":"OTHR" They also offer investments, pensions and retirement. Customer Relations Team Our core values at LV Home Service include delivering high-quality work to the utmost in customer satisfaction. {"sc":"W066" ,"ac":"QS0001"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"J077" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"P090" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"PL33" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"J016" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, The Financial Ombudsman Service {"sc":"J025" LV Home, 蒙法尔科内. ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"TP0000"}, {"sc":"A042" They currently work with Asda and several trade unions to help them offer a variety of insurance … 50 Kings Hill ,"ac":"IT00805"}, The LV contact details to make a home insurance claim are: If you are in the UK: 0800 032 2844; If you are abroad: +44 1202 296 762; Usually when you make a claim, LV will ask you to supply proof, such … ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"0016" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, Customers paying via Direct Debit will automatically be renewed. Please note: our opening hours may vary in the days and weeks ahead. {"sc":"W017" If you're claiming on your main home insurance policy (and not one of our optional extras) you need to call your insurer. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"W079" {"sc":"PL10" {"sc":"A045" {"sc":"PL30" ,"ac":"IT00802"}, Insurance product information document (PDF), Policy wording - for policies taken out before 1 February 2020 or renewed before 1 March 2020 (PDF), Policy wording - for policies taken out from 1 February 2020 or renewed from 1 March 2020 (PDF). {"sc":"J073" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, What impact does coronavirus have on your pension or investment policy? Contact information for LV= Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance Claims with its free or geographic phone number. ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"P070" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"A020" {"sc":"PL14" {"sc":"W052" {"sc":"A040" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"A034" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"PL51" ,"ac":""}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"Z150" {"sc":"W022" {"sc":"A048" {"sc":"J037" {"sc":"W043" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"EMIL" {"sc":"L007" {"sc":"PL04" {"sc":"J072" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, Car Insurance. {"sc":"J038" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"Z160" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"A005" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, It works with organisations such as the Insurance Fraud Bureau and the Insurance … ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"XJP7" {"sc":"XJP5" {"sc":"W026" {"sc":"RDEV" {"sc":"XJJ7" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"W057" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"XJP1" {"sc":"A061" ,"ac":"TP0000"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, If you pay annually and your details haven't changed, you can renew online. {"sc":"J026" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"PL09" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"PL41" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"PL28" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"J053" {"sc":"P058" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00802"}, John Lewis Home Insurance is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc (No. {"sc":"J009" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"PL29" {"sc":"PL43" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, LV Home Insurance - contact, review, complaints, login, quote. ,"ac":"IT00801"}, 0800 916 6880 {"sc":"A060" {"sc":"PL34" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"J061" {"sc":"XJP3" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"W038" {"sc":"Z084" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"W097" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, Alternatively, you can contact us through: Due to the coronavirus we have reduced capacity in our offices. ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"TP0000"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"J045" {"sc":"WAIT" {"sc":"J056" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, Lines are closed on Sunday. If it's time to renew your insurance policy or you have any questions about your home insurance renewal, call our Insurance Team who will be happy to help. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"P081" {"sc":"PL11" {"sc":"P027" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"DRH1" Call charges vary depending on who your telephone provider is. ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"W003" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"P065" {"sc":"Z227" {"sc":"Z223" {"sc":"P049" {"sc":"J088" {"sc":"J087" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"P076" {"sc":"P079" {"sc":"P029" {"sc":"J090" {"sc":"W060" {"sc":"Z086" ,"ac":"IT00802"}, {"sc":"A049" {"sc":"P033" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"0003" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"L003" E14 9SR. ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"0026" {"sc":"W015" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, Registered office: 171 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NN. ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"0011" {"sc":"0017" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"Z083" Get a quote {"sc":"PL02" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"J071" ,"ac":"TP0000"}, {"sc":"A026" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"P093" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":""}, Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-7pm and Saturday 9am-5pm. {"sc":"W073" {"sc":"P063" {"sc":"HX92" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"0009" Registered Office: Norman Place, Reading, Berkshire RG1 8DA. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"TP0000"}, {"sc":"P0100" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, Get a discounted quote. {"sc":"XJM4" {"sc":"W064" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"0021" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"0001" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"PL07" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"W065" {"sc":"A014" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"P018" {"sc":"W075" LV or Liverpool Victoria is an insurance company which is based in the United Kingdom. {"sc":"QTSE" {"sc":"P023" ,"ac":"IT00802"}, ,"ac":"TP0000"}, {"sc":"J003" {"sc":"A016" {"sc":"W089" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"J020" {"sc":"W001" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"A035" {"sc":"PL31" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00802"}, {"sc":"A028" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, We use cookies to make sure your experience is … {"sc":"W045" ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"0007" {"sc":"J027" {"sc":"A024" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"W025" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"Z154" ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"P013" If you need to amend or cancel your policy, call us on 0330 102 2742 or 01422 501 123. {"sc":"J041" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"QS0001"}, {"sc":"W090" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"P073" {"sc":"P054" {"sc":"W050" {"sc":"W006" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"A051" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"PL27" ,"ac":"IT00802"}, {"sc":"J022" {"sc":"J060" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"W027" {"sc":"Z141" They trust our independent reviews because we, together with our customers who have signed up to this manifesto, will always strive to … ,"ac":""}, ,"ac":"IT00808"}, {"sc":"P080" See our contact us page for a full directory. {"sc":"P048" {"sc":"PL38" {"sc":"P009" Home insurance that’ll guarantee repairs by our approved suppliers, a 24-hour emergency helpline and cover for major risks like fire, flooding and burst pipes. ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"P012" {"sc":"P075" John Lewis plc is an appointed representative (Financial Conduct Authority no. {"sc":"PL17" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, 80 year old also wanted to increase the personal insurance cover to 100,000 again they wanted to charge £20 for this plus admin fee! {"sc":"P099" {"sc":"PN03" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"Z148" {"sc":"PN04" {"sc":"J067" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"XJH6" {"sc":"W020" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"PL10" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"HX86" {"sc":"A056" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"J083" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, Get a quote online, Renew your policy (learn more) {"sc":"HX89" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"A010" {"sc":"J094" {"sc":"Z149" {"sc":"J019" {"sc":"A008" {"sc":"A043" {"sc":"ZA84" ,"ac":"TP0000"}, {"sc":"W041" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"W091" {"sc":"Z152" {"sc":"J059" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"PL56" (open 24 hours 7 days a week). {"sc":"PL42" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"A037" {"sc":"PL15" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"HX88" ,"ac":"TP0000"}, {"sc":"J089" ,"ac":"QS0001"}, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. {"sc":"J002" {"sc":"L005" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"PL53" ,"ac":""}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"J100" {"sc":"W072" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00803"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"P021" {"sc":"J001" {"sc":"A052" Find out more about the easiest way to contact us with SmartService our online form.. {"sc":"LETT" There are a few things you'll need to do first: Report theft, riot, malicious acts or vandalism to the Police on 101 or 18001 101 for text phone users. {"sc":"PL12" ,"ac":"IT00802"}, 0800 916 6890 {"sc":"W055" {"sc":"HX90" ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"W033" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00802"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"TP0000"}, 202277). ,"ac":"TP0000"}, {"sc":"0012" ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"PL01" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, Find out how you can promote our products and earn commission from sales made. {"sc":"P015" {"sc":"A009" ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"P045" {"sc":"PL47" ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":""}, {"sc":"P057" ,"ac":"IT00804"}, {"sc":"PL45" {"sc":"Z096" {"sc":"A044" {"sc":"P030" {"sc":"Z224" {"sc":"W012" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, For each of these services, there is a unique LV contact number to use to get in touch with them. {"sc":"J098" {"sc":"W044" {"sc":"W098" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, {"sc":"P066" {"sc":"XC50" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"Z159" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, Communication is as important to us as doing a good job and our experienced techs … At Reevoo we're committed to helping buyers make the best choices. ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"CDEV" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"J014" 613259). Everything you need to contact us for insurance product information in one place. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00802"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"XJP8" {"sc":"0025" {"sc":"FC01" ,"ac":"IT00805"}, For more information … {"sc":"W054" {"sc":"P036" {"sc":"P011" {"sc":"Z231" If you can, please manage your policy in MyAviva or email us. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, How to make a claim, change your details, access your account and FAQs. {"sc":"PL27" {"sc":"P055" 0800 633 5211 Liverpool Victoria (also known as LV) was founded in 1843 as a burial society. ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00803"}, This information has been found through the company's General Terms & Conditions … ,"ac":"IT00804"}, Avenue Kings Hill {"sc":"P078" {"sc":"W037" ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"P095" ,"ac":""}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"TP0000"}, ,"ac":"IT00801"}, ,"ac":"IT00804"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, {"sc":"W007" {"sc":"W035" {"sc":"Z225" {"sc":"W021" ,"ac":"IT00807"}, {"sc":"P061" {"sc":"J097" ,"ac":"TP0000"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"HX91" {"sc":"P010" {"sc":"Z147" If you received your documents from 31 March 2020, you don't need a password to open them. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00807"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, ,"ac":"IT00806"}, ,"ac":"IT00805"}, For our joint protection, telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored and will be saved for a minimum of 5 years. ,"ac":"IT00807"}, Make a claim 0800 916 6890 ,"ac":"IT00805"}, {"sc":"0027" {"sc":"0022" Home insurance claims can now be made online. {"sc":"XJLB" {"sc":"J052"

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